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10 dating red flags

There's no reason it has to go away if both of you have a great attitude about being together. (Besides, the best of this is cribbed from relationship experts who have helped ME get better at dating myself.)So, what are your red flags?

But the immediate discussion of, "Well if this doesn't work out..." to me is indicative of a larger world view.

I went on a date the other night with a guy who after I mentioned a crappy day that my dog had, he brought him a box of treats to cheer him up. When a man feels extremely comfortable dishing out unasked-for advice on my life, I cringe to think what is in store for me down the road. This is just one of my favorite sayings in general.

Do you really want to make your life be about the cabbie who turned down the wrong street -- and let your blood pressure get raised over that?

It's about 45 minutes long so watch it later while you are filing your expenses or something, but for now, let's talk flags. Because I might as well rename my dating profile Mandy "Red Flag" Stadtmiller. They have a wonderfully vibrant fuschia color to them and look quite stunning in the silhouette of mid-summer moonlight.