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Another person Feigin tangled with online was Imraan Siddiqi, who is executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations in Arizona.

Siddiqi saved a few of Feigin’s most disturbing tweets…

In 2012, Feigin briefly made use of a Disqus account, and used it to post some disparaging comments about Kristi Wachter — the woman behind the online record of Scientology’s completions — and about Dana Kennedy, who has covered Scientology for the Hollywood Reporter.

More evidence that Mark currently considers himself a Scientologist came through in a text to us today: “Please don’t contact me you are on sp list,” Feigin wrote, referring to “suppressive persons” or “SPs,” who are considered enemies of the church.

His acting credits were mostly student short films, including his role in the lead of “Stoked, Coked, and Smoked,” out of USC Film School.