Aamna shariff dating aftab

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Aftab and Aamna have never publicly accepted that they were seeing each other but the entire industry believed that the meaning of that silence was always an unsaid ‘yes’.

A mutual friend of the couple reveals, “It’s been over a couple of months now that they are no longer seeing each other. Thankfully, it did not end bitterly as both of them decided to give priority to cementing their individual careers.

Wasn’t it risky to make a debut with Aamir since you had a lover boy image? I also had to fight with the mental block that TV guys cannot make it in films. Once I okayed the concept to go ahead with the project, it wasn’t easy to find a producer. few of them were also ready to put in money for a newcomer but not me. It was said that before Aamir , no producer was keen to sign you on because you barraged them with questions.

It was very important for me to get noticed in my first film.

(Pause) I haven’t been in touch with Aamna for the last three-four months.