Accurate radiometric dating

Small particles of dust collected together into larger and larger objects – pebbles, rocks, boulders, etc – until there were many planetoids in the Solar System.These planetoids collided together and eventually enough came together to become Earth-sized.Bertram Boltwood applied this method of dating to 26 different samples of rocks, and discovered that they had been formed between 92 and 570 million years old, and further refinements to the technique gave ages between 250 million to 1.3 billion years.

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Unfortunately, they were all flawed for various reasons.

Radiometric Dating Provides an Accurate Method to Know the Age of the Earth In 1896, the French chemist A.

Also, over time, the amounts of Pb-206 and Pb-207 will change because as these isotopes are end-products of uranium decay. The higher the uranium-to-lead ratio of a rock, the more the Pb-206/Pb-204 and Pb-207/Pb-204 values will change with time.

Now, supposing that the source of the Solar system was also uniformly distributed with uranium isotopes, then you can draw a data line showing a lead-to-uranium plot and, from the slope of the line, the amount of time which has passed since the pool of matter became separated into individual objects can be computed.

Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity, the process where materials decay into other materials, releasing energy.

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