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Finally, he said I can not take steroids but he did not say I was right.So that is another reason I don't like to take stuff. The TV Would not come on this morning, so called the Cable company.

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Usually, in the summer he wants to come over for the day and do work for me. Come check out this wonderful group, who are waiting for you with open arms. gid=37762 Leona, when I started taken allergy pills I started getting plops, of course the doc said that didn't happen because of the pill.

But, when I first went to the doc and was not taking an allergy pills none showed up for all the time I went.

But, I know if your life depends on it, even with allergies you have to take them and the doc has to deal with the allergies some other way. Last night there was one as they had their lights on and I could see it through m\y kitchen window. Frances- Enjoy the visit How long is the drive for you? Dot I do my cleaning in two days now as to exhausting to do it on one anymore. Could not come to a decision on what I wanted in the kitchen so did not have it redone...figured when it was time to do the upstairs then I would have made up my mind what flooring I want in the kitchen...still have no idea what I want. I thought the cable box power button when pressed turned on the TV or used the remote. Then it did it again, so I took it to an apple store to see what they could do. I just took out the hamburg so I will make meatloaf, squash and I have yams she loves too, and make a salad.

I have to make sure they know of my allergies when I get operated on. We have changed our logo so people will know we are not only a writing board, but a weight loss one too. Leona Leona, I have many, many ancestors with similar "spelling" problems. Part of the storm that hit CA., is now traveling through the state. Dot, so were you out dancing all night and did not get home until 4? Marlene, do they think the curl in your hair will come back? Mickey, happy to hear your friend is off the ventilator. It is 40* outside, I wait until 7 to take a shower as the furnace comes on at higher temp after 7 am. Mel I still haven't gotten to the taxes and plan to whip them out on tomorrow. Anyway pressed that teeny power button and bingo TV came on. I wanted to return a couple of clothing items today that proved to be to snug in the hips. I slept in again this morning so my day is really shot now. Around 74* a beautiful day, think I will relax and just enjoy what's nice about being single and retired..can change your mind and do as you please. She told me it was a hardware problem and gave me different options on buying a different one. She got measured for her cap and gown today and her mother called and was so sad she is growing up and going off to college.

So, I guess we get little "rewards" for aging, too. Mel, my father's black hair stayed dark also, but my mother's grayed unevenly. I did walk for 25 minutes yesterday and did a lot of little things around the house including a load of laundry. Had to go out for a bit of shopping and to the bank . not going to be as warm tomorrow maybe but will hope for more nice and warm. Marlene so glad it was nice and you got the chance to walk . Nas hope your eye surgery went well ,prayers are on the way to you. My friend is off the ventilator and was up in a chair today. Maureen-it was pretty cold here in the morning, but by 2 pm we could sit in the sunroom w/o any heat on until about 4 pm. My DD has laminated wood in her kitchen and loves it. Come check out this wonderful group, who are waiting for you with open arms. I will leave those if they happen to be okay and just posted early. I just wrote a lengthy post and was about to sign off, when my internet connect went pfffft - and there went my message! We didn't get below freezing last night so that always helps with the thaw. Most people watch what they eat from Christmas to New Year's when they should be watching what they eat from New Year's to Christmas Do your best today; do better tomorrow The more I sit..hungrier I get!!!!! The difference between "TRY " and "TRIUMPH" is a little "UMPH".. Frances I sort of have a room for my Avon but most ends up in cartons on the kitchen floor till I get it out the door for delivery.