who is markus molinari dating - Adult chat tonight im me

i am laying here on my bed, im laying on my tummy checking emails and doing everything else that i need to do i wet myself and i didnt even try, it just came out.

thats the first time it has happened while im awake.

Hi all I'm glad to be back on EP...away for a while and couldnt remember the password to my old account . I seriously doubt my SO would go for that, ANY SUGGESTIONS THANKS.

I have made a new one with the hope of making some new friends again. ease, I do have some slight to heavy incontinence because I have been wearing for over a year almost everyday.

In the past I could not do this as I did not have the freedom to explore my secret or the diapers or plastic... Got a bottle of wine with dinner and took 1/2 of it back to the hotel. I spent the night is a very thick "overnight disposable" which is has been used several times but still appears to have some capacity. and replace them with my diaper drawer and even bought me 3 months worth of diapers and a diaper bag to take with me. As I was changing my wet diaper tonight preparing for my bedtime I had to laugh because after I used the wipes to clean myself off and slid the nice clean diaper underneath my bottom and pulled the diaper up between my legs I ended up peeing before I could tape up my diaper, I...