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It is open to kids 6 and under each year at the Central States Fair in Rapid City. Daily champs compete in the finals at the main rodeo Friday night.The poet James Whitcomb Riley lamented the loss of old-time swimming holes almost a century ago when he wrote, “but the merry days of youth are beyond our control / And it’s hard to part forever with the old swimmin’-hole.” South Dakota boys and girls don’t have to suffer such nostalgia, because we still have old swimmin’ holes.

Backcountry hiking and camping is by permit only and not recommended for casual visitors.

Location: Hours/Seasonality: open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Along with the moon-like landscapes, Badlands National Park is one of the largest protected mixed-grass prairies in the United States.

This blend of long and short grasses helps sustain the abundance of wildlife that lives inside the park.

Researchers and Paleontologists have uncovered ancient three-toed horses, tiny deer-like creatures, turtles, a saber-toothed cat and other species in the area.