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The following areas are also investigated in psychosexual evaluations: Dr.Gaskell, forensic psychologist at Psycholegal Assessments, Inc., has completed over 1600 Forensic Psychological Evaluations including more than 1000 sex offender evaluations on a wide range of offenders. Gaskell has performed sex offender evaluations for Sexually Violent Person evaluations both pre-probable cause and post-probable cause.If a sex offender is found to be and committed as a Sexually Dangerous Person, they are committed and treated until they have recovered from their condition or they are no longer dangerous.

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Future risk assessment in sex offender evaluations includes the use of empirically validated actuarial instruments (i.e., Static-99R, Static-2002R), application of additional research based risk and protective factors to sexually reoffend, and a clinical interview are also utilized.

The sex offender evaluation outlines the individual’s mental disorder(s), a prognosis regarding the estimated risk to sexually re-offend (e.g., Low, Moderate or High), sexual deviancy issues, treatment amenability, possible mitigating factors, and other recommendations as appropriate.

Modern sexual predator laws, unlike many of the older statutes, are aimed at sexually violent individuals who are nearing the end of their prison term.

Sexual predator laws have two major goals: (1) to protect the public from sexually violent individuals until those individuals are rehabilitated and released, and (2) to subject sexually violent individuals to treatment so the individual might be rehabilitated and return to society.

He has also provided expert testimony regarding sexual offenders in several counties throughout Kansas.