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You can search the maps by keyword(s), state or region, year or chart number.

If you click Search without entering terms, you’ll get a list of all the documents in the collection (not in alphabetical or chronological order).

Jim Crow laws not only segregated African Americans in public spaces during a dark time in United States history, but had a similar effect on record-keeping as well.

African Americans in historical records could be filed under a plethora of different titles, in the back of books, un-indexed, or simply missing altogether. To find contact information for an Archdiocese of Louisville Catholic church go to: on 'Parishes'; Select 'Cities'; Scroll down to 'Louisville'; Click on the name of an active parish in which you are interested.

Get instant access to the world's largest online collection of family history records, including: 16 billion historical records - and more added every day. at Shepherdsville Government Center, 634 Conestoga Parkway, in Shepherdsville. The purpose of the Society is to collect, preserve, and publish genealogical material of Bullitt and surrounding counties.