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Traffic, especially during morning, mid-day, and evening rush hours, is very heavy and often frustrating, and is getting worse with the availability of consumer auto credit.

CLIMATE: Algiers' Mediterranean climate resembles California. The summer is longer (May through October) and sometimes hotter than in Washington, D. Air pollution is relatively low, but allergens can be a problem.- Coastal areas, including Algiers, are hot in summer and chilly and rainy for several months in winter.

The remaining 1% of the population is Catholic and Jewish.

The principal languages are Arabic and French, although only Arabic has status as official language.

Preface Last Updated: 6/26/2005 AM An assignment to Algeria offers an opportunity to live and work in the second largest country on the African continent; a country known for its vast natural gas and oil reserves, its beautiful architecture and landscapes, its rich heritage, and the independent spirit of its people.

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