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She lost her mom to Lymphoma and threw herself into a mental, spiritual and physical challenge to honor her mother's life.

'Watching her commitment inspired me on every level,' the Real Women Have Curves actress continued.

' Emojis of flexing musclebound arms underlined the words.

This is gonna be me tomorrow,' she said, before singing to the tune of Rihanna's 2016 song Work: 'Run, run, run, run, run! 'Ferrera then ran down the blue course, a baseball cap reading: 'TRIATHLETE' on her head and her spouse in tow. Blearily, she told the camera: 'I had dreams all night that I forgot my wet-suit and was late to the race, but that's not gonna happen, 'cause I'm up.'A more emotional Instagram post from the night before the race provided some grounding to all the merriment.

Stars of film, TV and music are planning to join the Women's March and send a message to America that Donald Trump will be held accountable for protecting their rights.