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I've roped her up in a hogtie, her body crisscrossed in intricate lines and knots of red shibari.

Her breasts are pressed into the floor, in their rope harness, her legs are spread, and her ankles and wrists are bound together. Circling around her, I note her head resting against the floor and her empty holes.

I apply a liberal amount of silicone lube to it's cold metal, and then crouch between her thighs to lube her up as well.

She gasps, not expecting the wetness against her ass, as I push my fingers gently into her.

It really pleases him to see me so helpless at his hands. I then push back and up, gliding the ball up my rectum into my pelvic colon, then swing the ring foreward and down between my thighs, hooking the "anal hook" over my pelvic organs.