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Black men have deluded themselves into believing that most black women covet them. there are some attractive black men but i prefer white men, including native americans and even asians im a black girl and all i can say is that im more physically attracted to white men than black men. I had and still have white men falling at their knees, but I am not interested in any of them and never will be.

Biracial men yes, white men yes, Latino men yes, Arab men yes - but not black men. I have never dated a black man because I have found many of them to be uneducated and inarticulate. The rest will consider Latino, and Mediterranean or mixed race, or at times even black. I'm mixed race but I'm never gonna date a black or mixed race girl that got a problem with dating blacks. im from the south of america, so i rarely see interracial dating between black women and white men which sucks. I'm highly educated and beautiful with slim body shape with curves in the right places.

My goal with BGAE is to create an army of Spartan women that will be so empowered, so confident, and so fucking wise that no Dick...

What are you missing that makes a man want to fuck you but not want to commit to you?

I say something about power and a girl nods along then hits me with, “But what do you think he meant by this... That statement has become a male rallying cry that also serves as a backhanded comment on the quality of today’s women. Ayesha Curry is the wife of the current face of the NBA, Steph Curry....