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Yes, it does seem a majority of her friends are not Swiss, German, or Austrian, but Zurich seems very international, and who wants to hang out with the Swiss anyways? But same goes for good looking Mexican girls in the US.It's not like people aren't gonna hang out with a hot woman just because she is Turkish.I might also add, the girls that I was/am close with from Austria, may have been different than the typical Austrian girl because they were raised by Brazilian and Turkish families.

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It's less common among Serbian and Croatians, but definitely happens 95% of the time with Albanians and Turks (and other arabs).

Now to the OP: I find Austrian women to be way more open.

Crazy thing is, this girl doesn't even have citizenship in any country, so she says.

She was actually born in England but said for some reason she never got English citizenship.

Her family even goes to Christian church on occasion.