Aynsley backstamp dating

Discussions then followed with Waterford Glass and a £1 million bid was agreed.

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Though the factory closed in 1945 and this mark said to have been used after 1993, it is unclear as to what current name was/is used. https:// previously unidentified mark was identified by Founded in 1886, they were importers of china and glass from Europe.

By the late 1930s and prior to the war, they were importing sizeable amounts of tableware and giftware from Germany, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Finland, and Sweden.

for this particular cartouche mark; however, those were the years we were at war with Germany.

All trade with Germany totally ceased during that time.

Found on back of a 19th Century French Pastel Portrait by M. Kimball, a documented American Artist who exhibited a portrait drawing in a Paris Salon in 1886. This is a modern-day mark, probably a decorating mark, and is said to have been used after 1993.