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They are simultaneously life changing, awesome, terrible and powerful.

We laugh, cry and struggle to come out a better version of ourselves.

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The animated video, which also features Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, shows Minaj as a dictator type figure and appeared to be inspired by the black and white Nazi-propaganda films of German director Leni Riefenstahl.

I am an anti-oppression activist and feminist who recently entered (and then quickly exited) the dating scene in Boston.

The conversation typically proceeds in one of three ways: Either the other person (1) changes the topic, (2) asks respectful and thought-provoking questions about my experiences, or (3) spends the next hour asking questions that relate only to 2007-2009. Killing should only be discussed if the veteran broaches the subject first (they probably won’t).

I always appreciate the first two responses, and I am happy to answer questions about my service when asked respectfully and from genuine, compassionate interest. Combat is not straightforward like what you see in a video game or movie, and veterans may be trying to process their own experiences even decades after being discharged.

Radical, anti-oppressive and feminist political perspectives on sexuality are not exactly the words associated with “combat,” “soldier” or “army.” Disclaimer: The examples above represent my personal opinions on how to most respectfully approach a date with a veteran.