Bria myles dating

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When you dating interracial, you can’t make up crap saying “it’s about love” and that is the deception game that goes on when dealing with some white people who are quietly trying to maintain a white privilege system in their relationship.

You have to understand where your lover comes from and their background because if you don’t, then you really don’t know that person you claiming you in love with.

But there is one component in our research that I had to point out regarding Tamera Mowery situation.

In the OWN interview, she is crying and saying she got so much “hate” and start describing some of the things people called her.

The reason why and this comes from experience and real talk, Latinos, Asians and other groups tend to identify with Black people and Black culture to understand their wife/woman and will go to the Black community and also hang around the brothas.