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Pushing and intimidating offenders off the internet makes it harder for them to find jobs, obtain social support, read the news and function in contemporary society.

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"They still seem stuck in the mid-90s or something, as if I have one email address and one screen name that I use to talk to pedophiles and minors on the internet, like it works that way." Trevor ended up scribbling down an abandoned Tumblr account and a fake Gmail address he created after his release from jail.

He knew the risks of providing outdated or false internet aliases, but thought that this was preferable to leading the police to real information they could misconstrue and use against him.

Activists, progressive nonprofits, same-sex couples, and the LGBTQ community rejoiced nationwide, and were given an opportunity to continue the conversation online.

Think Progress, for example, said #RIPDOMA and the sentiment of Peace in RIP was not taken kindly by Think Progress' supporters, and they started providing alternatives to #RIP, as a constructive way to share their opinions.

With these monitoring practices, all privacy is eliminated; even mundane and legal computer activity becomes open to law enforcement scrutiny.