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For a lot of us, it’s more a survival tactic, something we do to make the very act of leaving the house less scary a prospect.

Doing so will help us figure out how to feel safe in the world without turning on survivors in the process, and it is one of the many ways we can work towards challenging the social norms which allow even a candidate for the highest elected office to get away with such behaviors.

If that means walking a different route than you might otherwise, faking a phone call to a friend when feeling uncomfortable, jogging outdoors with only one earbud in, budgeting for a cab, or only traveling with another person, do that.

For example, we can reject traditional gender norms that encourage victim blaming and a violent interpretation of masculinity.

The result of these gymnastics is that, consciously or not, a lot of people assume that survivors of sexual violence either did something to provoke attacks and/or could have done something different to avoid them.