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The question of what a female is to do when she likes a member of the opposite sex is one that has no doubt plagued women for decades and one that has most likely been discussed at length in evangelical circles. ” “Nothing.” Ladies, we are not called to initiate things, rather we were created to be responders.

But this is something that has burned on my heart for weeks and I’m about to spill it all here. If you don’t agree with me, just remember what happened when the very first woman took matters into her own hands. You don’t have to push yourself on a man to make sure you are noticed.

She is also known for her work in horror films such as Thirteen Ghosts, Cursed, and Night of the Demons.

She became widely known as a sex symbol for her role in the 1999 comedy film American Pie.

Although the amount of exclamation points varied, every answer given to this sweet girl in her 20s was exactly the same: Go tell him! Remember that apart from God you have nothing—which means if you have a boy but not God, you’re bankrupt—but with God, through Jesus’ atonement, you have everything your heart has ever desired.