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I’m sitting at my parent’s kitchen table, circling my cursor over the purchase button on my laptop screen.“For fuck sake,” says my father, “just buy the damn thing.”I shake my head.

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You can order edible fortune cookies and customize it, but I wanted him to have something he can keep. If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to Contact Us.

I just started seeing this guy and I'm stuck on what to get him for Christmas. What I'm thinking of doing is getting a Acura key chain (that was the type of car he had before he got into an accident and had to write off his car) and putting his name and the model of the car because he loved that car more then anything.

Merry Christmas (and all the other holidays you might celebrate) and good luck to all! A bag of gummy worms attached to a new book for the "bookworm", a container made to look like a medicine bottle filled with chocolates (label it vitamin "C") for a chocoholic, or even a jar of Hershey's "hugs" and "kisses". Kelly Nelsonheyyeah, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year now so here are some of the things that i have done.am going to do.1. so for a gift he made a shirt that said "hugs and misses"3.prove to him how well you know him by getting tickets to his fav band or going to see his favorite movie..my personal favorite...his favorite resturant.4made!

...crafts made by show show you care...buying something isnt nearly important as a custom made craft from you to him. For our second month, I gave him a stack of wallet-sized pictures of us and placed it in a shiny metal case.

” I ask in my best Being-Home-for-Thanksgiving-brings-out-my-thirteen-year-old-self tone.“Well, no.” She pauses.