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His talents as an artist set him apart from many of his DIY contemporaries. The rebel-rousing, addictive, “Let It On,” from his new self-titled EP, reminds us of something like Bowie, T.

Rex and Violent Femmes all together for one nerdy, rocking glam jam.

MP3: “London“ – HYMNS from HYMNS on Facebook Cesar Maria (aka Sayzar Mareuh) is a New York City indie rock artist who is heavily influenced by a variety of genres including classic rock and post punk.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer, Maria has narrowed his sound into a splashy psychedelic blend of folk, glam rock and garage rock.

HYMNS – London, England Cesar Maria – New York via San Francisco shy kids – Toronto, Ontario Huckleberry – Phoenix, Arizona March On, Comrade – Fort Wayne, Indiana A-Mac DZ – Denver, Colorado Rikashay – Markham, Ontario HYMNS is a London alternative rock band formed by guitarist and vocalist Oliver Hooper, Giorgio Compagnone on bass guitar and backing vocals, Matthew Ash on guitar and Ben Edwards on drums. “The new EP explores themes of isolation, desperation and hope in modern day city living,” Hooper says.

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