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I haven't formally met his children (he brought his son with him to work once when he was picking up his check, and introduced me as "a very good friend").

He's told all of his siblings about me, but not his parents.

Through all of this I've had my fair share of stress and worry; there have been times when I was so upset that I couldn't eat for days. What if he decides I'm "not good enough" or "too young"? I want to be with him more than anything, but at the same time I'm trying like mad to avoid heartbeak - I've had enough of that in my life already. I guess I just don't quite know how to feel right now because the divorce is right on the horizon.

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Always Wondering, I understand your feelings of frustration when it comes to "all I have to go by is what he tells me".

I believe that my boyfriend is honest with me and I trust him, but it's still nerve-wracking to see him on days when he's upset and doesn't volunteer much information. Carmella, I think your words are wise, but at this point, I'm too invested in the relationship to even think about backing out...he's going to have to be the one doing the leaving, but I hope he doesn't.

He's 44 and I'm 24, and he has two teenaged children.

He had been living with his parents for seven months before we even exchanged e-mail addresses, the divorce has nothing to do with me.

I keep wondering if another woman is laying next to him and if so how could a woman go along with this....knowing he has a pregnant wife.