how men think about dating - Dating a pro lifer

A million thoughts flooded my mind: How could he not be pro-choice? Would he really expect me to throw away everything I’d worked for my entire life and pause my career to have a baby?Or would he expect me to carry a baby to term, only to give the baby up for adoption? Clear as day, as if he were announcing the weather.That gets tricky, because even when I’ve zeroed in on a guy who supports abortion rights, a discussion of fetal viability isn’t the most obvious tactic for getting a guy to want to sleep with me.

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Jack may have reported on human rights in India, but he was raised a Christian in Texas.

Over friendly drinks, we had discussed our respective views on abortion—I write and report on feminist issues, so these things come up in conversation when someone asks me about my day—and I knew that he was firmly against the procedure.

That means that whenever I meet a new candidate, I’ve got to sneak in some pregnancy talk when I still have the willpower to wave the guy off to the friend zone.

I want to avoid any situation where he’s hot, I’m naked, and he’s under the impression that he’s got any say over what I do with any unwanted products of this sexual encounter.

For me, every election comes down to finding the candidate who supports women’s issues.