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In order to obtain a court-appointed lawyer in your case, you're generally required to: The first time you're able to request a court-appointed lawyer will be the first time you go in front of a judge after your arrest, known as your arraignment.

You either arrive to the arraignment on your own (if you were able to post bail), or escorted by the sheriff's department of your county if you weren't able to post bail.

Local Rules and Partial Indigency Each state, and sometimes each county, has rules for determining how to qualify for court-appointed counsel.

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____________________________________ Date____________ Signature of Principle By accepting this appointment and acting under it, I the attorney-in-fact ("Agent") do hereby assume the legal responsibilities of an agent.

How to Obtain a Court-Appointed Defense Lawyer If you're facing criminal charges and are unable to afford a private defense attorney, you may qualify for a court-appointed lawyer.

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However, this lawyer normally will not be the same lawyer appointed to you for the duration of your case, which can happen after your arraignment.