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Also noticed that it has a code in red, handwritten on the side. Tim, your mark is from the 1930's onwards and, although they are not antique as such, a full set is quite valuable so you need to go to this page:- value of antiques. OK, we came across a large bowl, cream backround, with a pattern of birds, and what I beleive are cherry blossom branches (possibly apple blossom) and the pattern is in a redish brown color.

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It would also be useful to know if the mark was printed or hand painted, incised or embossed etc.

Nonetheless wherever possible, I try to do my best for my valued visitors!

One of my heroes, he was a driving force within the company for 47 years and Crown Staffordshire were lucky to have him.

The above photos show an approximate time line of the mark you describe.

The third - most likely yours - uses the words "fine bone china" and began in the 1930's.