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Here's Stewart's two cents on that: "You can also write your profile to be appealing in a more selective way.

Maybe you don't want to appeal to a wide range of people.

She's adamant that love is out there, and has used online dating to her own benefit, having met numerous boyfriends over the past 10 years online. And you don't say you're 'funny.' You show you're funny by being hilarious in your profile and cracking the reader up. Most people aren't professional writers, which is why I find what I do so fulfilling — I help people find love online with a well-written profile." Amy Baglan, founder and CEO of Meet Mindful, an online dating site geared towards singles who value healthy and conscious living, has a lot to say about finding love online.

She also helps people write dating profiles professionally. While it might be tempting to lapse into what you do for work, what you do on weekends, and all the places you’ve traveled to, you really just want to give a snapshot of what it’s like to spend time with you, what you value most in life and what you bring to a relationship. Meet Mindful is "built on the premise of building meaningful connections with like-minded people," says Baglan, as opposed to sites geared more toward "casual hookups based on physical attraction." In your profile, you'll be asked to share your personal mantras and mindfulness practices, and how you integrate such practices into your life. To find love, she says, be honest: "First and foremost, make sure your profile reflects your authentic self.

The people you want to attract should also be looking for love, not just sex, and for those people, your clear expectations are likely to be a turn-on.