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The “movement” spread to Hope View, when a former Spring Hill employee started an organic field there, and finally on to Cherry Grove.Location: south edge of Hopewell, New Jersey Acreage: 5 acres in certified organic production; 50 acres total Founded: 2000 Crops: vegetables and flowers Marketing: local farmers markets and restaurants Owned by: J.We’re still planning that series, and welcome your ideas on women we should consider profiling.

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A tourist who has an ear for German sounding names or a college student who ever took a course in German civilization will probably look somewhat perplexed if he opens the local telephone directory or if he sees the names on the street signs.

There is Suenderhaufs Bakery, Weisbeckers Cleaners, Von Bosses Winery, Messingers Grocery, Theilackers Flower Shop.

Many German newcomers who had felt the pressure of the Knownothings were in a receptive mood when they read the advertisements inviting them to a purely German settlement in the New World.

It was this combination of two phenomena, both typical of the United States in the midcentury, railroad expansion and anti-immigrant feelings, to which Egg Harbor City owed its existence.

In other news on the Women in Ag front, a group of female leaders in sustainable ag are spearheading a project to provide specialized support to Pennsylvania's female farmers and other ag professionals.