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He finished his career with 11,695 passing yards and 130 touchdown passes.

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After the 2005 season, Kinne's father, who had recovered from his wounds, was offered a job at Baylor University, which he accepted.

Kinne then decided to move to Gilmer, Texas about 70 miles to the east of Canton, to live with his mother and step-father.

In the spring of 2005, Kinne's father, who was also his coach at Canton High, was shot in the chest by the disgruntled parent of one of the players he coached.

According to police reports, Jeffery Doyle Robertson, the father of a player who had often complained to coaches and administrators regarding the way his son was treated, walked into the Canton Fieldhouse and shot Coach Kinne at point blank range.

- Pregnant women are eligible for TANF during the month before their due date. The food stamp program is for low income families only.