Dating kristen stewart now

As for Annie — she is a legend, quickly rebounding with Kristen Stewart immediately after her and Cara split, not to mention allegedly dating Carrie Brownstein before she dated Cara!I get more in depth about my theories on Annie and Kristen in my Celesbian Gossip podcast.But Kristen Stewart's night in New York City was far from over as she stepped out with Cara Delevigne's ex girlfriend St.

(I should, however, give an honorable mention to Carrie Brownstein and Abbi Jacobson.) In my aforementioned Celesbian Gossip podcast, I go into this theory explaining how I think that the Nikki Stevens character in The L Word was based on Amber Heard.

Once she was officially out (think back to 2010-2012), every interview and every article almost exclusively became about her sexuality.

They were quickly joined by pal and former Twilight co-star Dakota Fanning, who stars in the upcoming movie.

Russell Simmons also attended and was seen hanging with a lady friend while drinking a glass of wine.

Kristen Stewart headed out this week to attend the American Pastoral film screening in New York and the star looked as cool as ever for the occasion.