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However, don't breakup on a day with special significance.

For example, don't breakup on Christmas Day, Easter, or your ex-partner's birthday.

Passing The Test Tests are not problems to be solved. I've talked to many men that have failed their tests miserably. Next, decide that you're going to be the leader in your relationship—the "captain of your ship" as it were. Let me tell you up front—you can't convince people of anything. Selling is about finding the people who want to buy what you have to sell, and then making it worth their while to buy! Here's how: 1) Define your Product What is your product? The pitch involves breaking the ice as well as getting to know this new person. Somehow they expect their customer to do it for them! In fact, recent studies show that men get numbers at least 50% of the time. You may be at fault or not, but when its time to bring your relationship to an end you want to do so cleanly and effectively.

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This is cruel, and may cause ruin that day for this person for a long time. Some people; either through fear of losing someone, or a feeling that their sparing their ex-lover's feelings do the "series breakup".

They start by getting distant, then, they suggest that both see other people, then, they stop answering the telephone, etc.

Be thorough—you don't want to have things left over for him/her to have to come back to get later.

If you're afraid of a scene, breakup at a public venue such as a restaurant.

They may know someone from work or socially whom they think would work well as a match. When relationship issues come up, women expect men to handle them at a woman's level. So, they end up making a bad situation worse, committing to more than they wanted to or worse yet, lying.