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Photo facilities allow members to check the pictures of the other.It matters not whether a lady has a title in order to be called a gentlewoman. Manners are a compound of spirit and form, and should be part of the education of every person of whatever calling or station in life. True courtesy is the basis of all social conduct and can be learned by all. The laugh, like one's voice, is a test of good breeding and cultivation. This is to ensure that she is innocent, and to compel others to respect her innocence. An unmarried woman could not be alone in a room with a male visitor, even in her own home.Adapt your behavior to filter through the men who may not interest you and know which information to share.

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The only possible exception to act as chaperone was a governess who, being of genteel birth, was known to be respectable, but represented no matrimonial competition because of her lowly status.

When a lady is introduced to a gentleman, she should bow but not give her hand, unless the gentleman is a well-known friend of some member of the family. A gentleman must not offer to shake hands with a lady until she has made the first movement.

People tend to hang on to their original image of who you are for a very long time.

Even if you manage to sway them later, you can pretty much count on their remembering you as you were at the first meeting.

Scandal is the least excusable of all conversational vulgarities.