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===================================================== Transcript of Expert Q&A - how to date and interpret photographs and fashion for family history: Welcome everyone, thanks for joining us tonight. Try to keep your questions concise and focused on the tonight’s topic, interpreting photographs and fashion for family history. If you post the photograph to somewhere such as Flickr, and join and post the URL to AUS-MILITARY mailing list at Rootsweb, you have access to a phenomenal range of uniform experts. Any ideas as to the symbolism of the jewellery please? That will help Margot and Alan to answer as many as possible in the hour that we have. Won't be around at, dropping this one in..... Is there a reference book that identifies uniforms in Australia?

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Margot and Alan will be back to help with your interpreting your photos in a future Q&A. Alan and I have both looked at your picture and based on the clothing it appears to be from about 1890. I have access to a photo of my great great grandfather who was in the Commonwealth of Druids (that is written pre printing on the photo) are there records that depict what the outfits were like the Masons.

Don't forget our Expert Q&As happen every Thursday night on the Inside History Magazine facebook page. As the image has the photographer's name Scott Barry we looked this up in Sandy Barrie's great book 'Australians behind the camera' and found that Walter Scott-Barry was at 146 Rundle Street Adelaide from 1890 to 1896.

Another Thursday and another great Expert Q&A sharing session. Like the forresters the druids in Australia dont seem to have many historical records A. Alan recommends that Chez makes contact with: Dr Bob James, Centre for Fraternal Studies: Q. Brad Argent will be answering questions on how to to get the best from au.

This week we discussed how to date and interpret photographs and fashion for family history. I have photos taken in Huddersfield in England, they have first names but that is it, where can I find the photographer?

Hats: again the shape and size of the hat is very important - whether it is tied on with a bow or secured with hat pins and how much of the hair is visible – and again people would often re-trim or buy a new hat to dress up an old outfit. men have been wearing three-piece business suits since the middle of the 19th century though photos do more often depict men in uniforms or other occupational dress and sporting attire. There is no definitive reference for Australian military or other uniforms - many British ones were worn here anyway - so Linda's suggestion is a good one - give it a go !! We have a photo of a very well dressed female ancestor wearing a long chain with a Compass & Square Masonic emblem. It's very hard to say without seeing the image - portraits with the subject holding an open book were intended to imply that the person was educated - if it is a masonic chain it may have belonged to a close male family member. The square and compass refer to the Masonic idea that "God" (or whichever name you want to call it: higher being, etc) is known to them as the Great Architect Of The Universe.