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Once you start down the road of buying gifts and giving money to anyone then I think you're on the path to disaster. There are many otherwise to demonstrate foundation in a relationship. Common sense dictates that if you're giving a woman money for sex then you are essentially with a prostitute. I'm in the fortunate position that I have developed good friendships with many Philippine women who are simply just friends, nothing sexual.I mentioned earlier about Philippine women and money.Without doubt, the most common question I'm asked by my friends and family is whether or not Philippine women are totally obsessed by Western men with money. Naturally people in the Philippines see Western men as a potential ticket to freedom.

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Important Note: Scam Protection Before I found my home here at Pinay Romances dating site, I tried a few of the other dating websites dedicated today in the Philippines.

There are a few reasons why I moved away from them but the main one is the ever evolving scam protection techniques employed by Pinay Romances.

The Philippines is a wonderful and beautiful country and Philippine women are exactly the same.

You'll have many questions about Philippine women if you intend to visit, live, work or retire there.

It's a hassle to have to wait 10 or 15 minutes to message again, like on some sites. Every woman on every dating site knows when they are talking to a free member. And yes, they will happily talk to as many Western guys on dating sites.