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A clear example is the comparison of the human death tolls after the chemical accidents in Seveso (Italy) and in Bhopal (India) (Bertazzi 1989). Figures for 1994 (table 39.8 and table 39.9) show that Asia continues to be the most disaster-prone region, with major accidents, floods and high wind disasters being the most common event types.

Earthquakes, while causing high death rates per event, are in fact no more common than major technological disasters.

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Dating site disasters

We focus here on major accidents involving chemicals.

The first documented chemical disaster with industrial origins goes back to the 1600s.

The one-year average number of non-natural events, apart from fire, is slightly diminished in comparison with the preceding 25-year period.

The average numbers of natural disasters, instead, were higher, with the exception of floods and volcanoes.

Africa accounts for the vast majority of the worlds drought events.