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C) Take your dress off to reveal your nude shorts, complete with suspenders and a pee hole, because this guy is lucky to be hooking up with you.

His shirt is untucked, his hair a little ruffled, the mug of beer in his hand almost empty. As he begins to take off your clothes, you: A) Ask him to turn off all the lights and shut his eyes so that you can remove your Spanx without him seeing anything.

B) Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, where you hide your Spanx in the cabinet below the sink.

A: Some sororities boycotted the book and penalized sisters caught reading it.

While the vast majority of the feedback I received was positive, a small but extremely vocal, vicious minority of readers responded by trying to shame me online and personally attacking me merely for reporting on the topic in the first place.

My advice for parents: These organizations are secretive by nature.