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Gould had learned about (and was impressed with) Scuba from some friends who worked there, and when he heard that Interana was in many ways a commercialized version of Scuba, he decided to give it a try.

Anything would have been better than the status quo at Tinder, which had been using legacy analytics software that was completely overwhelmed by the company's meteoric growth.

Especially considering Gould, who joined the company in January, describes himself as being much more inclined to build software rather than buy it.

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But the Interana story is much bigger than Tinder, and it points to a future where a growing amount of enterprise software has its roots in large web companies.

They often build tools designed to handle data or user traffic in volumes much greater than what mainstream users might encounter.

But Interana's technology proved particularly adept. Queries that were taking hours were cut down to less than a second, Gould said, and that changed the way employees think about data.

Now, Interana is everywhere inside Tinder, troubleshooting network connectivity issues and measuring the effectiveness of social media partnerships, among other things.

For example, some users swipe right (that's Tinder-speak for "liking" someone) too often in order to maximize their chances of finding a match.