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Spencer says, "If your carriage is turning into a pumpkin just when your night is getting more interesting with someone you've been on a few dates with, consider starting your next date at his place, rather than ending it there.

Cook dinner and then watch a movie so you feel like you're getting more out of your night." You could also schedule a mid-day romp on your lunch break or when your child is at after-school activities. The 5 rules for a satisfying sex life How Do I Get Back Into the Game? My son is now four and I am really nervous to go on a date and almost feel like I've never even been kissed.

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But, is it OK to be honest about dating with my child?

--Carol, 34, New Haven, Connecticut Solution: Just like you're not lying about having a kid to your date -- don't lie about having a date to your kid. 16 celebrity single moms When Should You Reveal You Have Kids?

Problem: I took the plunge and joined an online dating site.

"It is important to not introduce your kids to every person you go on two or three dates with. When kids are introduced to someone 'special,' they assume it actually means something and then if the person disappears, this shifts their whole belief system," says Ledley.

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    at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie has a few ideas about how to hook up with his man crush, Ryan Gosling -- but he also has a plan B ... We got Brendon at LAX and asked him about his recent admission that he's attracted to Gosling.

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    “Tom doesn’t want to lose the connection they have.” And even though the 54-year-old is completely entranced by this reported romance — “[She] put the springback in his step almost instantly,” the insider says — he reportedly plans on keeping it much more low-key than he did when he started dating Katie Holmes, 37, years ago.

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    Datin Salina yang telah bangkit ghairahnya memicit-micitnya dengan geram benjolan tersebut.

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    After 1947, the tournament was moved to Monterey Peninsula, just outside San Francisco.