Dating your singer sewing machine Flirt4free rooms hot frank

But please, please, please don't email me photos of your machines for me to do the work.

dating your singer sewing machine-79

The singer factory was famous, it was the biggest sewing machine factory in the world and was bombed heavily during WWII - The factory was closed and demolished in the 1980's but it's train station is still there and the area (now mostly housing) is still called 'Singer'.

So my sewing machine has ended up about 30 miles from where she started...

If you have no serial number you can still identify the model that you have the sandman collectables website (though not the best interface) has a fairly easy to follow instructions - click on 'start here' and answer the questions as you go.

I hope that helps those of you looking for more information about your old sewing machines.

I've been getting an email a week, often just containing photos and a curt "what machine have I got?