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Agents Several current agents available on Windows Live Agents include: MSN Quickbot ([email protected]) - "Quickbot can translate nearly all European languages, feed fresh news, solve any math expression, give weather information and perform many useful functions." Edge Bot by Ford Edge ([email protected]) - "Find cool restaurants, hotspots, entertainment and more in your favorite cities from the Ford Edge Buddy." DAI2 ([email protected]) - An aritificially intelligent learning conversational bot, designed primarily for humour and amusement.

Movie Scout ([email protected]) - "With Movie Scout you can find movies near you.

Search by genre or look at what's playing at your favorite movie theater.

You can also watch a movie trailer for one of the new Warner Brothers movies in the Activity window." MSN Dating Bot ([email protected]) - "Looking for love?

You can ask it almost anything and it will give you the answer and if you are bored, you can play games with it. GSAgent ([email protected]) - Give you helpful computer tips and play fun games.