"I’ve never met a situation where I don’t have a choice in the matter," she quips.The way in which she ultimately uses a makeover to shift the media’s focus is pretty savvy, and makes me wonder whether that’s one tidbit drawn from the Hillary playbook.Media sites thinks facebook with their friends, but they were all like.

Henry: I’m completely attracted to your masculine energy…. I also really like the dynamic between the couple and their kids, played by Kathrine Herzer and Evan Roe.

Unlike other political families — like the one on Homeland, say — they never exert pressure on their daughter and son to look the part of a well-polished DC family.

") within a business where protocol is everything is a little too conveniently black-and-white.

I did like the evolution, even in this first hour, of her sensibilities on women’s issues (another possibly Hillary-related plot detail).

After all, despite the increasing visibility of women in lead roles on TV, there’s still a pretty glaring lack of women in actual positions of power on the small screen.

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