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I usually get mad when he mentions it because I am with him a lot and usually stay every night with him, but we are ALWAYS doing normal day-to-day stuff like finishing homework or cleaning...

I feel like he never sets aside time for just me the way he does for his friends.

Have you ever heard of a kid who fakes naps during preschool just to placate the teacher? Despite my parents letting me stay up to 9-10pm when I was 8-years old—way later than most of my peers (thank you Dad, you rock!

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And once I wake up, falling back asleep in less than two hours is nearly impossible.

I wake up at any hint of light entering the room, or any abnormal noise. John’s wort, camomile, kava kava and antihistamines.

I have mentioned this to him but he feels that he does spend time with me and doesn’t think he should make time like he does for his friends because he never sees them and he sees me all the time.

I would even be okay with him inviting me a long with them because I don’t know any of them and that also makes me unsure of him going out.

A too-late bedtime may lead to: Circadian rhythms are emerging.