Dpd tracking not updating

Like the rest of the houses on our street, ours has a name, not a number.

When we first moved in, we had a and look out the window.

I started looking out the window at every possible van noise.

I occasionally like to rant about subjects I should probably learn more about but I usually mean well.

The parcel will be deemed to have been dropped-off the next day and the delivery lead-time will only begin as of that day. For example, a parcel dropped off Saturday before the drop-off cut-off time will be remitted to its recipient the following Tuesday.

On the other hand, a parcel dropped off Monday after the drop-off cut-off time will be deemed to have been dropped off Tuesday and will be delivered to its recipient on Thursday.

When the parcel is put on hold at the post office, the post office will hold it for 15 consecutive days (not counting the day your parcel carrier presented it at your home address).