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They ended up having to hire two people to replace me.

That prepared me for producing.” After the couple moved back to Austin.

At first, says Rodriguez, there was some skepticism about her co-producing The doubters quieted when it became apparent she could actually do the job without resorting to screaming or intimidation. We know.” Actually, they knew almost from the very start. Avellán grew up a child of privilege in Venezuela with six brothers and sisters; her grandfather was a broadcasting pioneer.

“Early on, I worked very quietly around the set, making sure everyone was getting what they needed,” she explains. He’s the hardest working man on the whole set, and he needs to have someone like me by his side. Rodriguez grew up with nine siblings in a Mexican American family in San Antonio.

"[Director] Robert Rodriguez and [then-wife] Elizabeth Avellan came down to bail me out of the Austin county jail in the middle of the night so that I could work the next morning." Harnett didn't show up for the trial "because it was so ridiculous," and as a result, "they put a strike on my record." PHOTOS: Celebs on wheels!

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