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Backstage by: whiskabiscuit - We just arrived at the local biker dive to find out the band that was supposed to go on before us had canceled.

It was a mad rush to get equipment from the van to the stage.

Of course she didn't know this, because all the servants in the palace DID want her. Her brothers were playing basketball outside in the driveway. Adventures of Mike and Susan by: John Carson - I can't believe I'm actually sitting down to write this.

She could hear the thud of the ball as they dribbled up and down in front of the basket hung on the garage. 13 Inches by: The Best - My name is Brenda Shynes, and Ive been married to my husband for about three years. Accidental Incest by: George VI - PART ONE When the phone rang, Kathy was looking down the street from her living room window, at the teenaged boys carrying beer into her neighbor's house. It was about ten years ago that this happened, and yet, I remember it as if it was yesterday.

I can remember everything about that day, twelve years ago, when I became a man in the way that men judge manhood and a hero in the eyes of the beautiful woman who m....

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    Another consequence of this expansion is that the neighborhoods, in addition to their cultural identities, also retained most of their street names, regardless of whether or not Boston -or another absorbed town- already had a street with the same name.

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