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Women have been paid, down the ages, for taking their clothes off in public: now it seems some of them are being asked to pay, and handsomely too, for the privilege of not taking them off.

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I felt this was the best way to bring the shop to life, show you the inner workings and some of the toys we get to play with, display some of the hard hit collision repairs that are being performed by our certified and experienced craftsman, as well as the minor repair work, show-off some of the incredible paintwork that our painters turn out on a daily basis, give a few of the employees some exposure that they so deserve but in most cases are overlooked in the grand scheme of day to day operations.

Every single step during the collision repair process is just as important as the last or the next, and our staff are the ones who are responsible for each and every result.

Equally the British Oscar-nominee Carey Mulligan has no fear of nude scenes, appearing with Michael Fassbender in the explicit film Shame and arguing that nakedness on screen has helped her overcome concerns about her body. Justin Bieber supposedly recently refused to play a sex scene with another man in the film Uber Girl.

"In my own life I'm very prudish about my body, or at least I have been in the past," Mulligan has said. Reports claimed he had demanded a rewrite of the script, although he has since denied this.

Eroticism, in contrast, is a crucial element in many films and is tricky to conjure, no matter how naked the stars.