Chats with naugty girls com - French dating relationships

He has given himself a way for his wife to break up their relationship.

Should women accept that affairs do not mean a man does not love them?

It seems the French, who allow themselves a lot, accept a lot as well.

I am a feminist and still working towards womens liberation, and I think women are often prisoners of an idealised version of love. Each woman, depending on her personal history, can accept, forgive or break up. All I did in my book was explain what men do and it was more appreciated by men.

A woman should understand a man might cheat on her for reasons connected to his masculine identity, not because of any fault of hers. Women said I did not say enough how much unfaithfulness hurts, but that wasnt my aim. Women, traditionally, were unfaithful because they lacked love.

Is that more common than men who have a serious long-term mistress? A lot of men would never leave their wife, because she is the mother of their children, represents their respectability, is a pillar of their lives.

Often they respect, love and admire their wives and she is indispensable, but they feel they need little flings to fulfil their lives as men.

You have a new book about how to make your relationships last.