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The intimate webcam context lent an additional believability to it: It was easy to imagine someone convincing each of these seemingly underage girls via video chat to take off their clothes, all the while recording the action to later distribute far and wide or even to use as a bribe to get future “shows” out of them.That is what so-called “cappers” do — and they are what brought me to the jailbait message board in the first place, and ultimately to the FBI.

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If you are a casual user, our compact cameras would be ideal since these are packed with all the features that eliminate the need of any expert photography skills.

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The family's CCTV camera captured an anonymous gray-haired lady chucking Lola the previous night like a bag of potato peels.

The video was posted to You Tube and went viral, eventually ending up on 4chan's anarchic /b/ board. The subsequent assault on Mary Bale resembled /b/'s harassment of 11-year-old viral video star Jessi Slaughter.

In a You Tube video that has since gone viral, she shares the story of how years ago, while still in middle school, she went on webcam chats with her friends.

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    Manstress is also defined in Urban Dictionary as a woman's man on the side.

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    Now, the reports that racist chant may be linked to another fraternity at the University of Texas, Austin.

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    They’re so consumed with the idea that they are worth so little that they need constant affirmation and praise from others around them.