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DNA results of a descendant of Stephen Poe of Choctaw County, MS, who is probably a son of George Poe of Fayette County, AL, does not exactly match the DNA of others in the Simon Poe, SR line on a distinctive DNA marker (descendants of Simon Poe SR seem to have the marker #458=16 as opposed to others descended from the generation of Simon Poe SR, who have #458=15).

Most likely, George Poe is a son of, or close relative of, the Jonathan Poe found in Caswell County, NC who is probably the same Jonathan Poe found earlier in Culpeper Co, VA.. Nancy Ringo mentioned as first wife on widows pension application for service in War of 1812.

Have written several letters lately to try to prove the opinion.

who was the first child of John Yerby and Sarah Baines. It is my opinion that Everett Yerby's wife Sarah was a Mc Millian and named her son Ammon for her brother Ammon Mc Millian. 1762 and Sarah Yerby born 15 December 1766 were the parents of my John Yerby because I found their births in John Yerby's family record.

Will dated March 1866, Probated October 1869* He married first Sarah Reynolds, his brother Thomas married her sister Rosty. She lived 102 years and outlived at least three husbands. My second cousin remembered her and stories she had about traveling from or widowhood six negroes namely Old Jack, Sary, Cinda, Chaney, Bob and Hampton, and all my personal property here in the State of Alabama, and such as she thinks best to sell, for her own use and if she should marry she draws a childs part by giving bond and approved Security for the value of the same at her death.