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After various surgeries (including an amputation of a third arm) and several processes (spinal correction for chest expansion), Abigail and Brittany grew up pretty much as any normal child with two heads in Midwest America would.

Both twins are ambidextrous and share in the duties when it comes to controlling what their body is doing.

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In the Hensel twins, this speculation goes above and beyond what is a normal post due to the girls sharing one set of sexual parts.

Often, they are asked openly (where they probably won’t answer) if they share horniness or if one gets hot, what does the other do.

While they do share tactile function and while one personality controls that half of the body, what exactly does happen when such occurrences happen?

As with most other people with sicknesses, handicaps, or some mutation that makes them “different” to other human beings, the Hansel twins have their fair share of “OH GOD THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL” comments.

Speculation into the matter has led to furious fapping sessions by thousands of teenage boys the world over.